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For Central Park Five, wrongful conviction meets false equivalence

In Friday’s New York Times, columnist Jim Dwyer appears to equate the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of five innocent teenagers in the notorious Central Park jogger case -- including Raymond Santana, a co-author of this column -- to the dissemination of an online petition demanding professional accountability against the prosecutor who helped put them there.

“It was a simple task to discover [prosecutor] Elizabeth Lederer on Google, just as those boys were easy to find in the park,” Dwyer writes. “The petition has found someone to blame, repeating the very mistake of the injustice it deplores.”

Indeed, the petition started by Frank Chi (the other co-author of this column) to fire Elizabeth Lederer from Columbia Law School may have affected her online search results. But by reading Dwyer’s column, you’d think her life was ruined. Locked up, key thrown away.

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