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Can Mark Sanford actually win?

Not that my opinion matters much in South Carolina’s first congressional district, but Mark Sanford strikes me as rather loopy, and somewhat creepy. Yet he may well win his race against Elizabeth Colbert-Busch on Tuesday.

National Republicans nominally abandoned Sanford after it became public that he was being sued by his ex-wife Jenny for violating a no-trespassing order at her home – to watch the Super Bowl with his son, he claimed – on top of that small matter of violating his oath of office as governor when he disappeared for five days to be with his Argentinian mistress (now his fiancé) back in 2009, on the taxpayer’s dime.

Sanford fell 9 points behind Colbert-Busch in a PPP poll after the trespassing revelation (more on that possibly flawed poll later), but he’s a point ahead in the latest PPP survey, and he could very well win.

I have no problem with voters forgiving Sanford for adultery – they forgave President Clinton and a lot of other politicians, in both parties. We go to the polls to elect our leaders, not to choose our husbands or wives. Still, I find it hard to believe voters would look away from so much erratic behavior, especially towards women. Adultery, going awol from your job and violating court orders to trespass on your ex-wife aside: Just in the last two days, Sanford has pulled two bizarre stunts involving women. He seems kinda crazy.

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