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Bush family furiously selling itself to Americans once again

Have you been enjoying the big national Reassessment Of the George W. Bush Era rollout this week? It was basically promotion for his library, which opens today in Fallujah Dallas. The Bush family and their friends/donors have been busy, giving quotes and encouraging pundits to write some "hey now that we think about it Bush was a pretty good guy" pieces. The former president himself has even been on TV (though too much reminding us of his existence might hurt those new poll numbers a bit). Today on Fox he will be interviewed by his former press secretary Dana Perino, perhaps because Jenna Bush couldn't get let out of her contract with NBC News to conduct it instead. Matt Lauer got the live interview, Diane Sawyer the taped one.

After presidents are done being presidents, they get to build big museums about themselves, because a tradition that originally involved simply making the documents and papers and records of a president available to researchers and the public obviously became this giant expensive pseudo-regal tribute thing, because this is America and we're really weird about presidents.

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