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Brutal Egyptian police video heightens tensions

On Friday, Salondrew attention to a graphic video gaining traction online in Egypt, which shows a group of about eight riot police strip, beat and drag a middle-aged man across the street and into a police van near President Mohammed Morsi's palace in Cairo. Over the weekend, the footage, aired first on the liberal, privately owned On TV network, has garnered widespread attention and heightened already soaring tensions after a week of intense anti-government protests.

As theGuardian's Patrick Kingsley noted from Egypt:

The video shows Hamada Saber, reportedly a 50-year-old unemployed laborer, lying on the ground outside the presidential palace in north-east Cairo, with his trousers around his ankles, being beaten with batons and fists before being dragged into a police van.

The scene is reminiscent of the "woman in the blue bra" – a protester stripped and beaten by soldiers during protests against military rule in December 2011, whose plight became a lightning rod for opposition dissent.

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