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“Breaking Bad” recap: Skyler chooses sides

In a spaghetti Western, when two men face each other and prepare for battle, it’s just a matter of time before one of them draws his gun.

In the latest episode of “Breaking Bad” -- week two in the final eight weeks of a series that may well induce a massive stress coronary in its entire viewing population -- Hank Schrader and Walter White faced each other in a continuation oflast week’s suburban New Mexico “Good, the Bad and the Ugly” moment. After that “Tread lightly” confrontation, as the Schrader garage door between them closed, they clearly seemed prepared for battle. And indeed, it was just a matter of seconds until both of them drew … their cell phones.

There was something both nerve-racking and hilarious in that moment when Walt -- unmasked as Heisenberg and madly trying to reach his wife -- realized she was already on the other line with Hank, who just stared at Walt, dumbstruck, while making arrangements for what would turn out to be a diner meet-up in which Skyler completely flipped out. Each of them knew he needed Skyler in his corner before he could make his next move. And initially, each underestimated how Skyler would respond to her very tricky position as the key that, depending on which way she’s turned, can open two very different doors in the potential prosecution of Walter White.

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