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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie enter winemaking business

The next target in Brangelina's plan for world domination, after furniture-making and advocacy, is winemaking. The Web site has reported that the two have been working with French winemaker Marc Perrin to produce a rose wine from vineyards at their second home in Sourthern France, Chateau Miraval. (The wine, Miraval, was previously called "Pink Floyd" because the iconic band recorded their album "The Wall" at the Chateau in 1979). The 2012 Miraval will be sold under the label Perrin and Jolie-Pitt.

"They were present at the blending sessions this year, and are relooking at everything from the installations in the winery - where we have already switched to stainless steel tanks - to reworking the labels across the range of wines," Perrin told Decanter.

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