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Brad Paisley: More daring than Dylan

Lyndon Johnson once said of a fellow politician that he was “all hat – and no cattle.”

Well, Brad Paisley’s got the hat, and one right smart herd of creative cattle. Today marks the release of his ninth album of original material, “Wheelhouse,” and judging from the initial buzz, he seems to have steppedinto the fecal residue of one of his cows.

Perhaps the most controversial is a duet with LL Cool J – “Accidental Racist.” Hold on. Let’s stop right there. A duet with LL Cool J? About what, exactly?

Well, the Confederate flag, Reconstruction and a Civil War that, let’s face, it, never ended -- and worse, shows no signof ending.

Just the subject one might expect from one of Red State America’s biggest stars. Maybe, Brad, you can explain why?

“The red flag on my chest somehow is like the elephant in the corner of the South.
And I just walked him right in the room.
Just a proud rebel son, with an 'ol can of worms
Lookin' like I got a lot to learn but from my point of view.”

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