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Brad Paisley on controversial record: “I wouldn’t change a thing”

Brad Paisley, aka Mr. White man, has stepped out in defense of his controversial song "Accidental Racist" and his new album, "Wheelhouse," saying on Twitter this morning:

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Paisley told USA Today that the entire album, including "Accidental Racist," is meant to "to promote discussion." "I still think there will be people who misunderstand what I'm saying, but welcome to the Internet," he said.

But Paisley's conviction seems to crumble a little on live TV. In a clip from "Ellen," which airs today, he says that he wrote the song to address racial tension. "I think it's music's turn to have the conversation [about race]," Paisley said.

Ellen DeGeneres: And so, you're basically saying ...

Brad Paisley: I don't know.

Right. Watch the clip below:

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