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Biggest Internet manhunt ever

That whole messy online vigilante debate is yesterday's news. At 5:22 p.m. ET, Thursday, FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers, speaking in the clearest possible language, asked the entire nation to help law enforcement identify the two suspects the FBI has pinpointed as the Boston Marathon bombers. Get your motor running, Reddit! It's time for the biggest Internet manhunt, ever.

Historically speaking, the FBI has long asked for the public's help in catching its "Most Wanted" criminals. From posters in the post office, to John Walsh's "America's Most Wanted," law enforcement has had little problem using any available media to enlist public attention. But it seems reasonable to surmise that we've never seen anything on  quite the scale of the operation that is unfolding right now. As I write these words, the photos of the two suspects are proliferating across the Web at phenomenal speed. And we're all networked now. We're all social media-enabled sharers now.  There's little question: The FBI has never had the means to mobilize as many eyeballs as quickly as it can now.

DesLaurier's comments are worth quoting in full:

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