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Bigfoot, sexy? Erotica author explains

Forget blood and fangs. Move over, ball gags and bullwhips. Now it's all about Bigfoot's big dick.

At least, that was the message last week amid a media frenzy over the discovery that sasquatch erotica is not only a thing that exists in the world, but a thing that has made Virginia Wade, a self-publishing "stay-at-home mother," a whole lot of dough. The "Twilight" and "Fifty Shades" comparisons practically write themselves.

For some time, Wade, a New York Times bestseller, was bringing in $30,000 a month from sales of her e-book series "Cum For Bigfoot," which begins with teenage girls being kidnapped by "an ape-like creature" intent on "procreating with them." Contrary to last week's hype over sasquatch smut, though, Wade was  in fact planning to end the series because Amazon's crackdowns on erotica has killed sales. This recent media attention just might change her mind, though.

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