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“Big Brother” apology for racism is too little, too late

Officially, CBS is taking the stance that it doesn't approve of racism. But it sure does seem to be good for getting attention.

Last week, reality TV bloggers began taking note of the amazing torrent of racist, homophobic and misogynistic crapola coming out of the mouths of the current crop of houseguests during the live feed of "Big Brother" -- most of which has gone utterly unchallenged. On Monday, Reality Blurred's Andy Dehnart put together a neat compilation of some of the highlights, and they're tremendous. Houseguests Spencer and Amanda call Andy "Kermit the Fag" and "Faggoty Ann." Spencer also calls women "cunts" and praises the Nazi medical experiments and Hitler's oratory skills. Jeremy declares, "I did touch her vagina today; it didn't look like she was too happy about it. I like to feel around and see what I have to work with, see if she's working a nice meat wallet." GinaMarie uses the n-word, and says that Asian contestant Helen should "Shut up; go make some rice" and that blacks are "like tokens." David says the sheets smell bad because of "black Candice." There's more, but if I add even one more quote from these turds I'm going to need to go on a drunken despair-for-humanity bender.

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