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Ben Carson: Latest GOP savior!

Remember way back to when Ted Cruz was the next savior of the Republican Party? That was, what, last week, right? And before that it was Marco Rubio, or Paul Ryan, or Bobby Jindal…and before that, before Sandy, it was going to be Chris Christie. And it’s not so long ago that Herman Cain was the next big thing. Or Michele Bachmann. Or, heaven help us, Newt Gingrich. And there’s always the Sage of Wasilla herself. That’s a lot of saviors over four years.

At any rate, forget all that: the new fantasy candidate for conservatives is Dr. Benjamin Carson, a neonatal surgeon, with no political experience, who achieved the status of dream presidential nominee by virtue of giving a good speech at the conservative conference CPAC last week. By late Thursday afternoon, he was explaining to CNN's Jake Tapper the circumstances under which he'd consider a bid for the White House in 2016.

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