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“Beer goggles,” and opera-loving mice win the Ig Nobel Prizes

Researchers have been hard at work this year making breakthroughs in cancer treatments, stem cells and Mars exploration but they've also been working on some less, well, important things.

And that's exactly what was rewarded at the nominations for the Ig Nobel Prize on Thursday.

The Ig Nobel's celebrate science research that is weird or funny and this year's nominees did not disappoint.

Researchers from France and the US proved that the 'beer goggles' effect actually works on oneself to make you feel more attractive while drinking.

The Joint Prize in Biology and Astronomy Prize went to scientists who proved that lost dung beetles can roll a perfect ball of poo  and use the Milky Way to find their way home.

Japanese scientist Masanori Niimi won the medicine prize for his finding that mice who listened to opera after heart transplants survived longer.

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