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As Bangladesh factory death toll tops 900, another disaster

On Thursday, as the death toll from last month's factory collapse in Dhaka topped 900, yet another disaster further marred Bangladesh's industrial district. After midnight Wednesday, a fire in a clothing factory killed eight workers. Were it not for the lateness of the hour, many more people may have been caught in the flames. Foreign Policy noted:

The latest accident comes after authorities forced 18 factories to shut down temporarily in order to comply with safety standards. (Six were apparently up and running again by Thursday.) The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, Department of State, and Department of Labor, meanwhile, convened a conference call with 70 retailers and manufacturers that do business in Bangladesh to discuss coordinating efforts to improve working conditions. None of the companies said they planned to scale back production in the South Asian country.

The April 24 collapse of the Rana Plaza complex in Dhaka was the world's worst industrial accident since the 1984 Bhopal disaster in India.

Meanwhile, as HuffPo reported, Benetton has finally admitted its connection to last month's tragedy:

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