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Bachmann and Rangel ditch debate, yell at each other on “Crossfire”

New York Congressman Charlie Rangel and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann got into a heated debate over repealing Obamacare on CNN's "Crossfire" Thursday night.

Co-host Van Jones initiated the verbal sparring after launching an attack on Bachmann, accusing her of willing to repeal Obamacare even at the expense of the government shutting down. "You [Republicans] sound like my kids,” he said. “My kids are like, ‘I didn’t eat that cookie, he ate that cookie.’ I’m not trying to shut down the government, Obama’s trying to shut down the government. You have smuggled into what should be a normal bill, a continuing resolution to keep the government going, this completely other thing about Obamacare. You have got to take responsibility for that.”

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