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Arizona Secretary of State on payroll of Freedomworks activist

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, a Republican, has been paid $2000 a month by a key bankroller of the Tea Party group Freedomworks since he took office in 2009, according to KTVK's Dennis Welch.

From Welch's report:

Since taking office in 2009, Bennett has been paid tens of thousands of dollars by Richard Stephenson, a wealthy businessman and a key player for the political group, FreedomWorks.

Bennett, who had worked for his family owned oil business in the past, draws a monthly $2,000 salary for his work as a board member for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, a for-profit company Stephenson started in the 1980s.

Though there is nothing illegal about the payments, it's "because Arizona has weak, in fact, no conflict of interest laws," according to Sam Wercinski, the director of the Arizona Advocacy Network.

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