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Are we ready to love Wall Street again?

Kanye West's militant new song "Black Skinhead," decrying the way the rapper's been treated by white America, is a peculiar choice for a movie about wealthy white Wall Street types. And yet the trailer for Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio's latest collaboration dropped this week, with West's hard-driving drums playing behind scenes of DiCaprio frolicking on a yacht, dancing in a tux, throwing out $100 bills and using lobsters as weapons. It's eminently GIF-ready.

If Kanye West's latter career and the trailer for the forthcoming film "The Wolf of Wall Street" have anything in common, it's an uncanny sense that America is more or less over the class resentment generated by the 2008 Wall Street crash. In 2011, Americans occupied Wall Street; in 2013, they're buying "Yeezus," the album of a rapper who's gone from bragging he was a millionaire (on "Watch the Throne") to calling himself a god. And they're preparing to see the second film in six months in which DiCaprio plays a charming, roguish financial swindler with a taste for excess.

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