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Are my sisters being pimped?

Dear Cary,

I am writing to you because I seek your thoughts on how much American society evolved while other societies held on to tradition. When I was a teenager, my older sisters introduced me to older men (26 to 40). I was American-raised, but my parents and older sisters are immigrants and still cling to old-fashioned values.

I am now in my early 20s, and single because I wanted an education instead of a marriage. Now that I have been around college-educated peers, I have been told that such relationships were inappropriate and illegal. I admit that when I was dating these older men, I did feel taken advantage of because I was so young.

Now my older sister is trying to set up my teenage sisters with older men (25–40). When I confronted them, they felt that it was better for a young girl to date and marry an older, financially secure man than to date a boy their age.

Why do American parents have a problem with older men courting and/or trying to marry their teenage daughters?

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