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Anti-LGBTQ group admits it lied about transgender student “harassing” classmates

Last week, anti-LGBTQ group the Pacific Justice Institute started a conservative media firestorm with its claim that a transgender teenager in Colorado was "harassing" her classmates in the girls' bathroom. The allegations, after being picked up by Fox News and other right-wing media outlets, were quickly debunked by a transgender advocacy group that reached out to the school's superintendent, who explained that no harassment had occurred. In reality, the complaint stemmed from one area mother who objected to the school's policy allowing transgender students to use facilities that correspond to their gender identity.

After having its lie exposed, PJI issued a statement explaining that the very presence of a transgender teenager in the girls' bathroom is "inherently intimidating and harassing," and, in a separate statement, said the organization would be "standing by our allegations."

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