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Anti-gay rights activists: We are the real victims of the marriage equality fight

Ryan Anderson, anti-gay activist and author of "What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense" is really tired of spending his days working to deny gay couples and their families equal rights. And so are the other marriage equality opponents profiled in a newsletter from the Concerned Women for America.

On his role as the face of the Gen X anti-marriage equality movement, Anderson laments: "Everyone I know who is working on this issue would rather be doing something else, but we feel like we have an obligation to be doing this."

A snapshot of their many, many hardships, if you can bear to read them:

CNN hosts bully them

“I think marriage exists to bring a man and woman together as husband and wife to be mother and father to any children their union produces,” said [Ryan] Anderson during a live appearance that night on Piers Morgan Live on CNN. Anderson didn’t get invited to the studio’s table where Morgan sat with Suze Orman, the best-selling author, financial guru and aggressive advocate for gay marriage. They looked down on Anderson from an elevated stage as he sat in the audience. The lecture they gave included calling the young conservative and his ideas bizarre, odd, offensive and uneducated.

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