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Andrew Rannells is a “Girls” guy

As Hannah Horvath's now gay ex-boyfriend, Andrew Rannells was a big part of one of funniest sequences of the first season of "Girls," in which his character, Elijah, came out to Hannah and, after being insulted, started to question her father's sexuality. Later that season, at the crazy party in Bushwick, Elijah smacked Marnie (Allison Williams). The irrepressible Elijah returns for the first four episodes of the new season of "Girls," which starts Sunday night on HBO. He is living with Hannah — as her new roommate. I spoke with the delightful Andrew Rannells — who also stars in NBC's "The New Normal" and who starred in the Broadway production of "The Book of Mormon" — about being the gay guy on "Girls," the politics of bisexuality and that slap.

You have a line in the new season about bisexuals and Germans being the last two groups that are acceptable to hate. How do you feel about bisexuals?

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