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Anderson Cooper urges other celebrities to come out

Though he's been out of the closet for less than a year, Anderson Cooper has become one of the most visible and well-known gay men in America. It's a position he alternately shies away from (declining to say much more about his personal life in his coming-out letter than "I love, and I am loved") and cultivates (dishing about the "Real Housewives" franchise with Bravo talk-show host Andy Cohen).

Last night, he appeared on Cohen's show to play both sides of the fence once more. After announcing that the pair had recently been on vacation in Brazil together, Cohen asked Cooper: "There are still several well-known people in the media who are in the closet. I wonder, has your opinion changed about whether those people should come out or not?"

Cooper replied: "Look, it's a personal decision everyone has to make for their own reasons. Obviously, I think we're all better off with greater visibility."

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