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Amy Schumer: Women comedians will never be treated equally

Amy Schumer’s 2012 Comedy Central special, "Mostly Sex Stuff," opens with the comic standing in a cartoon forest, surrounded by various flora and faunas: mushrooms, squirrels, chirping bluebirds. Schumer is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, her blond curls and ski-slope nose peeking out from beneath the cape. When she removes her hood, the camera pans out to reveal a far less idyllic scene: the squirrels are flogging each other with whips, the mushrooms have transformed into enormous phalli, and two unicorns are copulating against a tree.

Like the fairy-tale forest that turns out to be something more akin to a Hieronymous Bosch painting, Amy Schumer is far less virtuous than she appears. The comedian, whose series "Inside Amy Schumer"premieres on Comedy Central April 30, boasts one of the most subversive voices in comedy, imbuing riffs on porn, abortion and below-the-belt grooming (she refers to bikini waxing as “getting my vagina ready for its first quinceañera”) with a sly, oddly poignant sensibility. A bit from "Mostly Sex Stuff," on hooking up with a man without testicles, is particularly illustrative: “Girls don’t care about balls, but when they’re not there we miss them. You know, they’re like grandparents.”

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