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America’s abortion deserts: How the right turns back the clock on Roe

Twice a month, Dr. Willie Parker boards a plane from Chicago to Jackson, Miss., and spends around three days working out of the state's last remaining abortion clinic. When he arrives, protesters are there to greet him. They yell obscenities, call him a "baby killer," and tell him that, as an African-American man, he is responsible for the "genocide of black babies."

When I spoke with Parker over the phone, he shared these details as something of an afterthought. He isn't that interested in talking about himself, the time he spends away from his home, or the harassment and intimidation he endures so he can do his job; instead, he talks about the women he serves and the barriers they face while trying to access basic medical care.

"The women who are disproportionately affected by these cumbersome laws are poor women of color who have limited access to education, especially sex education," he tells Salon. "There is virtually no financial support because of the Hyde Amendment; women who are on Medicaid or public assistance cannot use that money for their care.

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