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Allison Williams on last night’s “Girls”

Last season on "Girls," Marnie the uptight, beautiful one played by Allison Williams, was so turned on by her flirtatious encounter with a hugely self-confident cad and artist named Booth Jonathan (Jorma Taccone) she had to run into a bathroom for an emergency masturbation session. On last night's "Girls," Booth Jonathan appeared again, whisking Marnie to his apartment in Bushwick where he showed her his "Toad the Wet Sprocket"-influenced artwork and the two had doll-witnessed sex, aptly described by  Taccone as being in the "starfish position." Williams spoke with me about what Marnie sees in Booth, the improvised parts of the sex scene, and the "you're a bad friend!" fight her character had with Hannah later in the episode.

Talk to me about the sex scene with Booth Jonathan.

That sex scene makes me laugh so hard. We laughed throughout filming it. That freaking doll.  The set direction on our show is just so brilliant every day, and that was really at this amazing apartment in Bushwick, which is funny because Marnie vowed she never came to Bushwick and she did very readily. But walking into that bedroom and seeing that dummy standing in the corner, all of us had the same reaction, we were like, “She’s gotta be right here. She’s gotta be in the sex with us.” So as a result, the entire scene was just pure laughter.

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