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Alleged terror ring leader charged with murdering wife

Pvt. Isaac Aguigui, the alleged ringleader of a murderous antigovernment group, was charged today by the United States Army with killing his wife, who was several months pregnant when she was found dead in their home on the Fort Stewart military base in Georgia nearly two years ago.

The 21-year-old Aguigui, according to Georgia state prosecutors, funded his dreams of overthrowing the government through a campaign of political assassination and other acts of terror with money from a $500,000 life insurance policy he received after the “highly suspicious” death in July 2011 of his wife, Deirdre, an army sergeant who had served a tour of duty in Iraq as a linguist.

While the army has been investigating Sgt. Aguigui’s death for nearly two years, military officials released no further details, according to The Associated Press.

Following his wife’s death, Aguigui and his followers spent $87,000 on military-grade weapons and bomb-making material.

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