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All you need to know about #nerdprom — in 10 tweets

What happened at this year's White House Correspondents Dinner was, by and large, what happens at every White House Correspondents Dinner. A quick tour through the hilarious and infuriating proceedings:

1). Lots of partygoers adopt the adorable term "nerdprom" for the night -- which you should roll your eyes at and be appropriately skeptical of:

[embedtweet id="328327562331824128"]

2). People who most feel left out invariably throw a snit about the whole thing:

[embedtweet id="328346466567479296"]

(Greg Mitchell posted four photos of Palin from 2011’s “nerdprom.” Did she not get an invite this year? )

3). Conan O’Brien, a funnyman, was funny! Best joke:

[embedtweet id="328341437341114370"]

(Watch entire video of O'Brien here)

4). Barack Obama: Even funnier -- maybe because a slight contempt for the proceedings seems to come through:

[embedtweet id="328475355407073280"]

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