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After shooting death, new FPSRussia gun-fetish videos are back

It has been six weeks since the strange death of Keith Ratliff -- the YouTube assault-weapon enthusiast who was shot and killed in his Georgia compound/weapons store/testing facility.

While conspiracy theories continue to fly around the web (usually suggesting that the Obama administration is sending "death squads" after Second Amendment lovers), his popular FPSRussia channel has gone quiet. No new videos demonstrating what the firepower of an assault weapon might do to a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber!

(Most web ratings services placed it among the 10 most popular YouTube channels, with some 3.8 million subscribers.) 

But rest assured, fans of freedom. If you would like to see a UTS-15 12 Gauge take out a toilet, FPSRussia is back. And that exploding toilet is verging on 1,000,000 views.

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