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Affirmative action still in jeopardy

The Supreme Court's decision on affirmative action at the University of Texas had advocates for the policy celebrating. But a different case that the Court will take up in its next session also deals with affirmative action, and could allow opponents to continue to curb the policy at the state level.

The case, from Michigan, is called Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, and addresses the constitutionality of statewide bans on affirmative action policies at public universities.

In November 2006, by a margin of 58-42 percent, Michigan voters approved a ballot measure called Proposal 2, which amended the state constitution to include a ban on race-based admissions policies. The ban, notably, was pushed by Jennifer Gratz, the plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case on affirmative action called Gratz vs. Bollinger, in which the Court held that the University of Michigan's use of a point system as a mode of affirmative action was unconstitutional.

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