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Adam Scott: “I wanted to be Ethan Hawke”

Adam Scott has, entirely by accident, become one of the comedy scene's leading lights. But he's yet to have had a big project all his own.

The actor appears each week on "Parks and Recreation" as the supportive husband to the protagonist, a hard-charging city councilwoman. He's been in films as diverse as the farce "Step Brothers," the pitch-dark comedy "Bachelorette," and the camp splatter-fest "Piranha 3-D," and on TV shows including "Childrens Hospital" and -- most notably -- the late, lamented cater-waiter comedy "Party Down." On that Starz comedy, which took off after its cancellation with viewings on Netflix, Scott played an aspiring actor stuck at a dysfunctional food-service company; it led to all manner of supporting gigs.

Scott finally gets the chance to break out on his own post-"Party Down" with "A.C.O.D.," a comedy opening Friday about the so-called "adult children of divorce." Many years after the divorce of Scott's character's parents (Richard Jenkins and Catherine O'Hara), the son begins to decompensate as the long-separated parents grow closer.

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