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Accusations fly against celeb-loving organic bread company

Employees of an artisanal bread company that touts its ethical credentials and celebrity shoppers alleged that their union effort was met with bare-knuckle scare tactics -- including warning workers that their organic loaves could go the way of the Twinkie. As Salon first reported last month, employees at Amy’s Bread’s Queens bakery produce loaves and pastries for Whole Foods and Zabar’s, and – according to an internal newsletter – celebrities including Megan Fox and Jesse Eisenberg. While the company publicly touts its “natural ingredients” and “loyal employees,” workers allege they’re working in pain for poor pay, while enduring ongoing disrespect.

“Instead of accepting our invitation and giving dialogue a shot,” employee-activist Luis Velesaca charged in an emailed statement, “the company has threatened and pressured us.”

“Basically, I told the staff what their rights are,” countered eponymous owner-founded Amy Scherber. “Like, they can, you know, both sides of – they have their rights to support a union, or to not support a union. They can do either thing.”

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