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9 stars whose retirements were fake

Take hope, Steven Soderbergh fans.

The director of films ranging in theme (and, depending on your vantage point, in quality) from "Traffic" to "Magic Mike" has been nominated for three Emmy Awards for "Behind the Candelabra," what he has said is his final film -- as far as he can tell right now. But pop culture is littered with figures who just couldn't stay away from the accolades, the fans -- and, in some but not all cases, the chance to create meaningful art! Soderbergh may yet be lured back and make a sequel to "Magic Mike" or something entirely new and weird, just like these folks who quit the game only to return a few short years later.

Jay Z

The gold standard for fake retirements, Jay-Z (as his name was then styled), declared his retirement from producing studio albums after the 2003 release of "The Black Album" and threw a "retirement party" concert. During his official retirement period he recorded a duet with Linkin Park that still gets played at college sporting events and an album-length collaboration with R. Kelly, as well as business endeavors. He released his next studio album in 2006 -- the three-year gap between releases being a roughly normal gap even for artists who didn't publicly retire.

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