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8 juicy allegations from the new Bachmann “tell-all” book

A new book co-written by a former senior staffer on Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign alleges that the conservative congresswoman is a fake Christian diva who fires pregnant staffers on Christmas Eve and takes advantage of her devoted supporters, when not being taken advantage of by the political consultants she hired.

Published on Amazon for Kindle late last night, "Bachmannnistan: Behind the Lines, a Report From the Inside" bills itself as "the explosive first tell all book about the secretive world of Michele Bachmann ... immoral, illegal and unethical."

It paints Peter Waldron, who was Bachmann's field coordinator and evangelical outreach lead (and who also happens to have co-written the book), as the nearly lone island of virtue in a sea of money-grubbing advisers and sinister politicians willing to break the law to get what they want. At the center is Bachmann, whom Bachmannistan portrays as alternatively clueless or cruel, but above all: "Hard as nails, vicious, self-centered, phony, in it for herself.”

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