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6 old Twitter parody accounts still worth following

Everything and anything that has even the slightest potential to become a meme will eventually get its own Twitter parody account, even if it shouldn't. Twitter parody accounts require discretion, you see, namely from someone those who are funny.

That said, occasionally the right person starts the right Twitter parody account at the right time, and the commentary can take on a life of its own. The result: an account that can retain followers long after the prompting event or person has disappeared from headlines.

Here are 6 accounts based on memes well past their Internet prime that still making it work:

1. The Bronx Zoo's Cobra, which caused a panic when it disappeared from the Zoo in 2011, soon resurfaced on Twitter, gaining thousands of followers overnight. Although it was soon recovered in real life, the parody account still updates frequently and retains almost 200K followers:

[embedtweet id="318797186991288320"]

[embedtweet id="315230065459863552"]

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