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5 ways to deal with disappointment better

Man must be disappointed with the lesser things of life

before he can comprehend the full value

of the greater.

Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

Everyone faces disappointments in life, both large and small. Unfortunately, many of people choose to sit around and complain or whine about their problems to the immense irritation of others. While it is certainly important to acknowledge your disappointments and not just ignore them, but how do you do it effectively, without being a huge nag to everyone else? The answer lies in learning constructive ways to acknowledge disappointments. Disappointment can help build up character and patience if you allow it to. Learning to deal with your disappointments constructively can make you a stronger person in the end.

One of the first things you will need to do in learning to deal with disappointment better is to recognize your old coping strategies. Everyone has them. Do you reach for a pint of your favorite ice cream or withdraw into a room all alone? Do you get drunk and try to forget? Once you have learned to recognize your old strategy and accept that it is not working, it is now time to create a new one.

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