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The 5 most dangerous abortion restrictions of 2013

It was another dire year for reproductive right in the United States. Like 2011 and 2012 before it, 2013 saw an onslaught of increasingly draconian restrictions on abortion care; lawmakers pushed regulations intended to shutter clinics over the width of hallways or the size of parking lots and bans that criminalize abortion at five to six weeks -- well before most women even know they are pregnant. In addition to getting bolder in presenting direct challenges to the constitutional guarantees of Roe v. Wade, anti-choice lawmakers (or the groups that write legislation for them) got savvier and broader in their targets, using bans on medication abortion, bogus claims about women's health and miles of red tape to deny women access to basic healthcare.

And just in case you weren't already feeling despondent about the glaringly misogynistic priorities of many of our elected officials, consider that state legislatures passed almost as many reproductive health restrictions in 2013 as the United States Congress passed laws during the same time period.

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