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The 5 kinds of music you can listen to with your kids

There is a moment in all parents' lives when they begin to wonder if they made a mistake, raising this child and all. Nine times out of 10 this crisis of faith strikes because of music.

Awful, repetitive, sugar-coated music.

It’s their fault, not ours. Kids have the worst taste in music. And they will replay these awful songs to the point that a simple grocery store run turns into purgatory. This epidemic has been squirming under parents’ skin for decades, from Marlo Thomas in the '70s, to Raffi in the '80s, Barney in the '90s, and on through to the Wiggles.

Like a lot of parents, I began wondering why my decent taste in music wasn’t genetically passed down to my boy like his odd nose shape. (Sorry, son.) Thankfully, I discovered there is music we can both agree on -- DJ Dad just had to find a middle ground. I was lucky enough to find hip listening options that also hit the kiddie sweet-spot. And no, I don’t mean the well-intended but kinda lame kids' music by legit artists like They Might Be Giants and Dan Zanes. I’m talking real, grown-up music that kids actually like.

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