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5 comics you should read if you like “Agents of SHIELD”

ABC's new "Agents of SHIELD" features the spies of the Marvel universe, but no Avengers, Spider-man, or X-Men. And Fox recently announced they’re making "Gotham," about the adventures of a young Commissioner Jim Gordon, pre-Batman, in the DC universe. The newest thing on TV seems to be superhero stories without the superheroes.

In comic books themselves, this isn’t a new concept. Over the years, there have been individual issues of long-running superhero comics focused on non-heroes. Even better, there have been several mini or regular series devoted to what are usually peripheral characters. The following are five of the best series featuring normal or normal-ish people living in bizarre, spandex-happy worlds, where radiation gives you powers and doomsday devices are as common as recycling bins. If you’re intrigued by Agent Coulson and Commissioner Gordon, the following should scratch the same itch.


"Gotham Central"

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