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The 5 best predictions of how “Breaking Bad” will end

After five gripping seasons, Vince Gilligan's Emmy-winning "Breaking Bad" will come to an end on Sept. 29, and the Internet is going insane with buzz, including wild show theories and fan art.

So far, only one thing is certain: More people will die. Actor Bryan Cranston teased the last episode at the Emmy red carpet Sunday night, saying, "We have to see if anyone survives the holocaust"; in the penultimate episode, Walter White seems to have completed his transformation into Heisenberg and we see Todd kill Andrea without a moment's hesitation.

But there are still so many unknowns introduced earlier in the season: Who will White poison with the vial of ricin? What will happen to Jesse, who is in the hands of his Nazi captors thanks to his former mentor? Will Walt Jr., the one pure, untainted character, manage to stay innocent and safe? What will come of Todd's one-sided feelings for Lydia?

Here are some of critics' best predictions for how the series will end:

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