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2013′s gay rights winners and losers

2013 was a big year for the gay-rights movement in America, with the Supreme Court overturning the Defense of Marriage Act and several states legalizing same-sex marriage (New Jersey didn’t surprise us, but Utah did — let’s see if it sticks!), celebrity comings-out that furthered the notion that being gay is unremarkable, as well as growing rejection of homophobia nationwide.

While it cannot be avoided that this was in many nations an exceedingly difficult year to be gay (with horrifying new legislation in India, Russia, and Uganda) andthat there's much more to be done beyond simply the marriage movement stateside, the U.S. saw advances that give us reason to be hopeful for the years ahead. Here are the people on the vanguard in 2013 — and those whom history has somewhat left behind.

WINNER: Jason Collins

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