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The 10 rules of “Homeland” story-telling

This week’s “Homeland” was the penultimate episode of this sometimes gripping, often maddening, occasionally laughable third season. At this point, most critics and a number of viewers likely agree that Showtime’s once highbrow-ish CIA thriller has traveled far, far off of its original GPS-plotted course. Already, Washington Post TV critic Hank Stuever mentioned “Homeland” as one of 2013’s big television letdowns. Surely more year-end lists will do the same.

There seems to be little point, then, in spending this recap seriously analyzing a show that often doesn’t take itself seriously enough to bother making credible sense. Instead, perhaps what we all need to do, assuming we intend to stick with  “Homeland” through next week’s finale and the fourth season that will follow in 2014, is accept a few things.

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