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10 pranksters to subscribe to on YouTube

Every day is April Fools' Day on YouTube.

Amateur pranksters have turned the massive, video-sharing site into a low-budget version of Punk'd. Instead of following Ashton Kutcher around Hollywood as he pulls gags on the rich and famous, YouTube pranksters usually target a close friend or a group of strangers.

They're in your town square and at your local university, turning tricks for all the world to see. And in the process, they're raking in thousands (and sometimes millions) of views.

These 10 con artists will make you cringe, feel awkward, and/or crack up as each scene unfolds. But enjoy them while you can: YouTube recently announced (on April 1) that it's shutting down for 10 years to pick a winner.

1) Jack Vale // 495,140 subscribers

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