Police to End Prostitution and Drugs With Creepy New Spy Mobile

Floridians will have to look elsewhere to buy sex and drugs.

Looking for hookers or drugs? From now on, avoid St. Petersburg, Florida, whose police force plans to eradicate both -- forever -- with the deployment of their new armored spy vehicle. The truck has 4 cameras mounted behind bullet proof glass, protecting officers from any armed prostitutes who get funny ideas about their privacy rights. An angry Gremlin painted on the side of the truck warns prospective buyers of sex or drugs, "We are watching you ... "

"This is exactly what I wanted,' city council member Karl Nurse told Fox13 News in Tampa. 'It's high profile enough you put it in a drug location or a prostitution location and it will discourage the customers from coming. They'll just keep moving.'

Officers assure all the good, non-prostitute-sex-having people of St. Petersburg that the technology will not be abused, like, say, to peer into their homes: 'We didn't want this thing parked in somebody's front yard thinking that we're shooting into someone's bedroom window...It's really meant look to the exterior activity going on around buildings, not into buildings.' said the police chief, according to theDaily Mail.

Convincing! Fox 13 points out that the city also got 9 extra surveillance cameras courtesy of the Republican National Convention, helping keep Floridians safe from the scourge of progressive political demonstrations as well. 

Watch news segment below (h/t Daily Mail):


Tana Ganeva is a reporter covering criminal justice, drug policy and homelessness. Follow her on Twitter @TanaGaneva.