O'Keefe to Pay $100,000 to ACORN Employee He Smeared

O'Keefe may be paying up, but his ACORN legacy lives on and on.

Wonkettehas a hilarious exclusive on James O'Keefe's agreement to pay out six figures to the ACORN employee he shamelessly smeared:

James O’Keefe—the blonde bombshell who set the conservative world of hidden-camera YouTube movies ablaze—has just agreed to a $100,000 settlement to calm down the unjustly fired (and weirdly litigious about it) ACORN employee Juan Carlos Vera. According to a copy of the deal, obtained late last night by your wonkettes and viewable after the jump, O’Keefe has also agreed to ink an 11-word non-apology apology, that sources close to reality are calling “insincere” and “suuuuuuuch bullshit.”

According to the final 5-page agreement, signed by O’Keefe and his legal counsel Mike Madigan this past Tuesday, the boy detective now publicly “regrets any pain suffered by Mr. Vera or his family.” O’Keefe and his counsel have also consented to fork over the $100,000 within 30 business days of the settlement agreement’s being signed.

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It seems unlikely that the professional propagandist will be deterred by this bump in the road, though Wonkette notes that O'Keefe's settlement amounts to $35,000 more than what Breitbart gave him for "life rights" to his ACORN videos, which hopefully stings a little bit. 

In related news, conservatives who were obsessed with O'Keefe's strategic editing in the first place seem to have forgotten that his smear campaign successfully disbanded the anti-poverty group three years ago. This Monday, in a short-term budget bill, the House of Representatives included a proposal to defund the already non-existent ACORN. 
O'Keefe may be paying up, but his ACORN legacy lives on and on.  The right-wing hero will only quietly sigh as his pocket shrinks, while the group that spent decades fighting against poverty and big business interests will be remembered as an American shame.