NPR's David Folkenflik's brutal takedown of Fox's handling of Sean Hannity

Hannity 'does seem to be beyond sanction in some ways for Fox.'

From the April 17 edition of MSNBC's MTP Daily:

CHUCK TODD (HOST): I feel like by basically saying Sean Hannity is not accountable to any standard whatsoever of journalistic ethics that we would hold others to, does it send the message that those that are professional journalists at Fox News are nothing but cover for Sean Hannity?



DAVID FOLKENFLIK: You’ve got a thing that where he causes pain time and again and the thing is he does seem to be beyond sanction in some ways for Fox, they have doubled down on the Trump presidency and Trump’s success at a time of crisis and controversy.


For those journalists who are there it is painful to watch these antics from one of the most popular host.


At this point the decision to identify the network so strongly with Trump means that when you have somebody who himself is so connected to Trump, so tethered to the president, Sean Hannity not only talks to the president on the phone, dines with him, counsels him, advises him, and the president tells us so on his Twitter feed, this is a connection that Fox can ill-afford to lose.



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