Romney Wins Homer Simpson's Vote; 'Obama Promised Death Panels and Grandpa's Still Alive!'

Fox released a teaser of an upcoming show, and it turns out that Homer Simpson is a Romney man. Along the way, the producers take shots at Romney's taxes, voter ID laws and, of course, low-information voters. Watch:

Date: Fri, 09/21/2012 - 15:11

Romney's "Charity" to the Church is Just More Corporate Greed and Tax Evasion

Let's take a look at what Mitt's charitable giving goes to, shall we?

Reuters looked into it a while back:

Date: Fri, 09/21/2012 - 14:35

Paul Ryan on 'Minorities': 'Victimhood Has Gotten Them Nothing'

When Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney found himself in hot water for saying that nearly half of the American people "think of themselves as victims," his running mate, Rep.

Date: Fri, 09/21/2012 - 14:33

Global Frackdown Begins Tomorrow


On September 21st activists across the world are rising up against the proliferation of the shale gas drilling practice of hydraulic fracturing or fracking. As Mark Schlosberg writes for Food and Water Watch:

Date: Fri, 09/21/2012 - 12:51

Marijuana Can Prevent the Spread of Cancer, Researchers Discover

Two scientists at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco have found that cannabidiol (CBD), a non-toxic marijuana compound that delivers many of weed's benefits without the high, might stop metastis in aggressive cancer, "potentially altering the fatality of the disease forever."

Date: Fri, 09/21/2012 - 12:09

Limbaugh Says Penis Size is Shrinking Because...Feminism?

Well, the headlines on this one kind of wrote themselves after the right wing host went on a very Freudian and not very nice tirade about shrinking member size.

Here's Wonkette, which gives you a sense of all of them: At Last, Rush Limbaugh Knows Who To Blame For His Tiny Penis

Date: Fri, 09/21/2012 - 11:52

Paul Ryan Loudly Booed by AARP Crowd

Senior citizens: wise to the Ryan plan? The VP Candidate, most well known for his desire to privatize medicare, was soundly booed--repeatedly--at an appearance today before the senior citizen lobbying group AARP.

From the Washington Post's writeup here's what happened after the first round of boos came in response to Ryan's avowal to repeal "Obamacare":

Date: Fri, 09/21/2012 - 11:31

Employment Rate in Swing States Improving at a Better Clip Than the National Rate

The August unemployment numbers are out and the politicos are spinning them. The big headline is the jobless rate rose slightly in more than half the states to a national averge of 8.1 percent, but in big 2012 swing states—Ohio, Florida and Virginia—it did not change.

Date: Fri, 09/21/2012 - 10:47

Is Ann Romney Cracking? Tells Critics to "Stop It. This is Hard."

Ann Romney has been derided as being out of touch and inaccessible, but her recent comments seem to indicate that she is very in touch with the current temperature of the election--in Iowa today she reacted to the naitonal pile-on of pundits, even conservatives saying her husband has to get his campaign together.

Here's the report from Radio Iowa:


Date: Fri, 09/21/2012 - 08:40