Arizona GOP Chair Says Nothing to Radio Show Host Who Called Obama A "Monkey"

Yesterday, ThinkProgress reported on a radio host in Arizona who publicly called President Obama a “monkey,” before saying, “I voted for the white guy myself.” Barbara Espinosa stood by her comments during the show, and after the show aired, went so far as to defend herself in comments sections and in a blog post on her website — that post was removed yesterday.

But it turns out Espinosa was not alone when she made her racist statement — indeed, she was joined by the current Chair of the Arizona Republican Party, Tom Morrissey.

Morrissey, who called into the show, remained absolutely silent through Espinosa’s racist comments and subsequent argument she had with a caller about what she said.

Only after several minutes did Morrissey chime in again. He said nothing about the “monkey” line and did not respond to the caller who pointed out that the comments were racist. Instead, he called support for Obama “a national sickness.”:

The thing here with these folks that vote for and support Barack Obama, there’s a reason for that, they’re getting something out of it. Those of us — and I believe this and it’s bias — those of us that do not support Barack Obama and act upon our love of country are motivated by that. That’s why I say we’re patriots. I believe he is as wrong as wrong can be, and I hope that there’s enough people that think like we do — this group — so that we can defeat what I call, it’s like a national sickness.

Morrissey has had to address racial issues before, when a group of Ron Paul supporters called Mitt Romney the “white Obama.” He asked everyone to “stay respectful.” ThinkProgress reached out to Morrissey, but he did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

ThinkProgress / By Annie-Rose Strasser

Posted at June 20, 2012, 11:14am

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