Romney Goes Full Homophobe, Says Kids Better off With Straight Parents

This weekend at the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Mitt Romney spoke via satellite and reminded conference-goers that he believes opposite-sex parents are better than same-sex parents:

ROMNEY: We need to strengthen the commitment that exists in this country to family. I hope to be able to talk to young people and tell them how important it is to get married before they have children because the opportunity for a mom and a dad to help guide the life of a child gives them such an enormous advantage in their lives going forward.

Ryan Williams, a Romney spokesman, verified that the candidate believes children are better off with straight parents, saying, “This is what he’s been saying forever. He’s always said that the ideal setting to raise a child is with the mom and the dad.”

Watch Romney’s remarks:


It was only a month ago that Romney walked back his support of same-sex adoption in just a few days’ time, demonstrating his complete lack of understanding of both social science and the patchwork of current state adoption laws. Regardless of the recent hullabaloo over Mark Regnerus’ obviously faulty study, 30 decades of research confirm that same-sex parents can raise happy and healthy children just as effectively as opposite-sex couples. Romney’s positions against marriage equality and same-sex adoption are blatantly discriminatory and do nothing to support the well-being of any family.

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Posted at June 19, 2012, 4:32am

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