In New Proof That "Bipartisanship" Is Dead, Two Partisan Hacks Go Into Business Selling Bipartisanship

Everyone's favorite Democratic apologist for coup regimes, Lanny Davis, and the former Republican National Committee Chair that everyone loves to laugh at, Michael Steele, have decided to put their partisan backgrounds behind them and get behind something that politicians of both parties love: making money. 

In the name of "bipartisanship," Alex Pareene at Salon noted, this is what Davis and Steele are up to: 

“Launching a consulting firm” is something people with great connections and zero skills do all the time, and many of Washington’s most successful firms already employ both influential Democrats and Republicans, but Davis and Steele added an always-fashionable “deploring partisanship” angle to their very boring announcement, which got pliable Newsweek media reporter Kurtz to bite.

Their new consulting firm/lobbying group is called, and I’m not making this up, “Purple Nation Solutions.” It is named after Purple Drank. Hah, just kidding, it is actually named after Michael Steele’s favorite ’80s Woody Allen movie, “The Purple Rose of Cairo.”

As Pareene noted, Davis and Steele have one thing in common: they're both roundly despised by people who ostensibly belong to the same political parties they do. Davis is for some reason still considered a Democrat when his favorite hobby is popping up on TV to claim that Democrats should give up the last tiny shred of liberalism that a few of them might still be clinging to, and Steele, after getting his job in the post-Obama '08 freakout that led the Republican party to choose as its leader someone who compared the party's differences to the way one would wear a baseball cap, basically ran the party into the ground. (Obviously, not for long.) 

I'd say it's more proof that political operatives only care about lining their own pockets, or the latest round of evidence that "bipartisanship" is code for "whatever will get us the most corporate money", but you knew that already. 

AlterNet / By Sarah Jaffe

Posted at June 18, 2012, 2:35pm

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