Jonah Goldberg Suggests "Beating Socialism Out" of Kids, Comedian Challenges Him to Boxing Match

This is a hilarious new form of humor-laden activism.

Right-wing pundit Jonah Goldberg claimed he was using a metaphor when he suggested we "beat the socialism out" of young people--but how funny are threats of violence? To progrssive comedian Jamie Kilstein, not very. That's why he started a petition to have a fair fight with Jonah.

Kilstein writes:

Bullying and advocating violence against people who disagree with you is not brave. Stepping into the ring for a fair fight would be.

This is in no way intended as a threat, instead this is a challenge to participate in a regulated boxing match with rules agreeable to both parties, a referee, trainers and any safety gear.

So a challenge is now on the table. Tell tough guy Jonah to step into the ring with Jamie Kilstein - a 145-pound progressive vegan standup comic who doesn't take kindly to bullies. We'll put it on the Internet and start a kickstarter to raise thousands of dollars in prize money that the winner can allocate to their favorite charity.

The winner of the fight will raise money for charity. The hashtag being used is #Jonahfightsforcharity.

Always amusing to see unfunny "humor" being fought with humor that's actually funny.



AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at June 2, 2012, 7:14am

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